Description Photo Decorator can resize, crop, warp or transform your photos easily. It also allows you to add frames, texts, balloons and other items quickly. With the function of multi-layer support, it is very easy to attach multiple photos to create one interesting and wonderful photo. Photo Decorator supports more than 20 effects and filters, with which you can adjust color, alpha, brightness, sharpness of any photo, or add mosaic, noise,� shadow, bevel, blur and so on to photo. With the drawing tool, you� can easily add shapes such as lines, curves, circle, rectangle and so on.� It supports 13 kinds of blend mode. Unlike other photo editor tools, Photo Decorator supports dynamic and fixed resolution, which makes your work more effective.� With Photo Decorator� you can create and print professional pictures without any need of previous technical background or knowledge. Download this freeware�(Non-Commercial Use) and enjoy your photos.
Crop or Cut your photo:

Add Frame to your photo:

Decorate your photo:

Transform your photo:

Add effects to your photo:

Draw freely on your photo:

Main Screenshot

Main Window

Easy-to-Use Interface.
Warps and Transformations.
Powerful photo editing tools.
Multi-Layer support.
Creative photo filters.
Professional print module.
Dynamic picture resolution.
Resizing, brightness and color adjustment, frames, balloons, clip-art, mask, drawing pictures, cropping, filters, easy text, drawing shapes.
Combining multiple photos to one final photo.
18MB installer. Downloading and installing are very quick.

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