Photo Decorator

Easy and funny photo enhancing and editing software.

Photo Decorator is an easy and funny photo editing software that enables you to enhance photos. Photo Decorator can resize, crop, warp or transform your photos easily. It also allows you to add any picture as frames, texts, balloons and other items quickly. With the function of multi-layer support, it is very easy to attach multiple photos to create one interesting and wonderful photo. Photo Decorator supports more than 20 effects and filters, 13 kinds of blend mode, dynamic and fixed resolution, which make your work more effective. With Photo Decorator you can create and print professional pictures without many professional skills.
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Box Shot maker

Creates a virtual 3D box shots, book cover or 3D screen-shots for your product.

Box Shot Maker is a virtual 3D box design tool. It changes your logos, pictures and artworks into a 3D box in real time and allows you design or draw the box face easily. Box Shot Maker now is renamed " 3D Box Maker". All the services will be supplied by
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Swf Pictutre Extractor

A program for image extraction from SWF file

SWF Pictutre Extractor is a program for image extraction from SWF files without knowing flash formate. You can view the images that are saved in a SWF file and save one or all of them (BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF formats) using SWF Picture Extractor. SWF Pictutre Extractor can work with the packed SWF-files. The program is simple in utilization, you only need 2 steps to extract pictures from swf file. Firstly, open the swf file and you will see the thumbnails of pictures in it, and then select and save the pictures. So Easy and quick. SWF Picture Extractor was designed with real user in mind. Any Flash versions are not needed. You are not required to be a Flash guru or know all the Nuts and bolts of the flash file format. All you need is to click "open" and "save" buttons.
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Mp3 Recorder

Records any audio source from your sound card to Mp3 and Wav audio directly.

Mp3 Recorder records any audio source from your computer to MP3 or WAV audio directly. Recording source is from sound card that means any sound through your sound card would be recorded. When the Mp3 Recorder recording, the saved MP3/WAV file's size is calculated and showed at real time. Mp3 Recorder records your computer's audio streaming into MP3 file directly without temporary WAV files generated.
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Baby Kids Keyboard

An educational and fun kids game, a keyboard control software.

Baby Kids Keyboard locks the keyboard and mouse, protects computer and files, allows baby and kids to touch any key. Pictures, sounds, musical notes or text can be played by strikes or in turn. You can add your own photos with note and recorded voice. Pictures can be shown in many kinds of animated form. Pictures can be displayed orderly or randomly. Pictures, sound, text can be related to key on keyboard. Musical Notes / MP3 File / Wav File / Mid file / TTS (Text To Speech) are supported.
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Exe Wrapper

locks and protects executable file from non-authorized execution.

Exe Wrapper allows you to protect any Exe-file with its own password from non- authorized execution. And it can modify the main icon of the .exe file. If you mean to keep people out of your personal stuff, add or modify the icon of executable file, add fixed argument to the execution, then Exe Wrapper is your right selection. Password is stored directly in the Exe-file. It is extremely easy to add any password to a program. An attempt to run a program that's wrapped will result in a dialog box launching asking for password. Failure to provide the correct password prevents the program from fully launching. Password is protected with high strength encryption algorithm. So do not forget your password. Exe Wrapper can change the main icon of executable file. Even if you move the file to another computer, the new icon will be displayed anyway. If you add an blank password and change the main icon, then no password dialog box will launch. So you can change the icon of Exe-file with this software. Exe Wrapper can also bind special argument to an Exe-file. For example if you want a notepad open c:files.txt on every execution, you can add argument " c:file.txt " when wrapping the notepad.exe. If you don't want to go on wrapping the exe-file, you can unwrap the exe file to original exe-file with this software.
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Icon Changer

Alert icons in the executable or icon file.

533soft Icon Changer can change the icon embedded in a executable or icon file. This program supports all files with the extensions .exe, .dll, .cpl, .ocx, scr, .ico. You can change the icon of these files easily and quickly. If you move the file to another computer, the new icon will be displayed anyway. The drawback is that the content of the file is modified. It results in the checksum being modified and the executable file may fail to work. Before changing the icon of a file, the Icon Changer creates a backup for that file. After changing the icon, you can run the exe file for a testing. If program can not run, you can click Undo to restore the backup file. The executable file size doesn't change. The size of the new icon should be either equal or smaller than the previous one. This software supports compressed exe file.
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